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Channel OP's

Channel operators are the nicks with the @ in front of thier names. They are God in that particular channel. They have the power to moderate the channel, kick or ban people who are obnoxious or abusive, and they can set the channel to invite or secret. Do not piss off ops in any channels because you might find yourself kickbanned. LOL. On the whole, most ops that run channels are decent people who like to chat, trade files, listen to music, or talk computers in thier channels and others.
The ops in #mIRC4Dummies are a great bunch of people who like to help new users to mIRC. They are from all over the world, from Arizona to Serbia and lotsa points in between. So here they are, in order of whaever order I had the pix in.

DaMama . Channel owner and RedBEERd's sweetie. LOL.

clrmind , now there is an oxymoron. hahaha

`ludo . what can we say. this is our ludo

Amoroq . Straighten yer tie man

DaSkunk.. The Serbian moviemaker hisself

Vampyerz. Disappeared since he met Danielle. Now he is known as Halicon. Go figure. LOL

Ruff^ . 420 time dude

nikki and Gerbil . Can you tell who is the Gerbil ?

PPSlim is an eggdrop and script compiler..or whatever they do to them poor eggdrops

Rob2^ . Likes his beach days in the Carolinas

que- . From across the pond in the land of midnight sun and reindeer

Bulldog2k . Well here is the Wales answer to Charlie Chan. kung foo bugaloo

Cery from the UK

Terri. & Gray. Another friendly couple from the UK. hehe

Fretless. The Blues Man

Athena^ and JC down at the creek.

aj-san from Holland

Nukie..... everyone's friend.

Jaroslav who lives in Norway

Tanboo is from Canada. Does she resemble DaMama ? LOL

Ronin`... from Canada also, but I think this was taken in Hawaii.

Pyd ... from Norway

L-n ... from somewhere

Jamster... from the UK...

Hellspawn.... from Hell?? LOL no from the Netherlands actually.

DJayZpeed is from Norway.